[Theme music fades]

Narrator: “Welcome, curious souls, to ‘Dead Man’s Finger,’ a podcast unlike any you’ve encountered before. We delve deep into the realms of human connection, exploring the intricate dance of conversation and the enigmatic art of understanding one another.

Just as in the game from which we take our name, we invite our listeners to reach out, to press their metaphorical hands against ours, and embark on a journey of discovery. ‘Want to touch a dead man’s finger?’ we ask, echoing the words of the game. It’s an invitation to venture into the unknown, to explore the depths of human emotion and experience.

In each episode, we’ll engage with our guests in a conversational dance akin to the game itself. We’ll rub the metaphorical index fingers of our minds together, seeking a deeper understanding, but always aware that true comprehension of another person remains tantalizingly out of reach.

So, join us as we probe the mysteries of human connection, like two hands meeting in the game of Dead Man’s Finger. Prepare to be challenged, enlightened, and perhaps even transformed, as we strive to comprehend the elusive essence of shared experience. Welcome to ‘Dead Man’s Finger’.”

[Theme music swells]

Dead Man's Finger is a podcast and blog by briyan frederick (aka Bryan Baker).


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