It Was Alive

Once upon a time, there was a dead man’s finger. It was lying on the ground, all alone and forgotten. But then, one day, a little girl came along and saw it. She picked it up and took it home with her.

The little girl played with the finger all day long. She made it into a puppet and pretended that it was alive. And she loved it more than anything in the world.

But eventually, the little girl grew tired of playing with the finger. So she put it away in a box, never to be used again.

And there it lay, forgotten and alone, until the day that the little girl died. Then, finally, the finger was free. It could wander the world once again, in search of a new owner to love it.

Do you want to be the one to give the dead man’s finger a new home? Then take it with you today! It will bring you luck, love, and happiness – all the things that life should be.